Cough Cough (World No Tobacco Day)

A train from Mumbai Central gained some speed as passengers were settling down. Kids grabbing the window seats; Sharma Ji sinking his eyes in The Economic Times; Miss Fernandes pleading for a lower berth seat for her grandma; Mr. Oberoi and his 3 friends spreading a blanket in between them to play cards; and the… Continue reading Cough Cough (World No Tobacco Day)


The Last Letter From His Father

When Sam was a kid, his father used to keep rewards and punishments, a surprise. Sam sometimes got a dessert on flunking an exam, but also got grounded sometimes for doing something good. The only exception was the star (a silver-colored plastic cutout) that he received whenever he gave his 100 percent, irrespective of results.… Continue reading The Last Letter From His Father


Whose fault is it if a 5-year-old kid coughs like a 50-year-old man?

It coughed and coughed, and the passengers on the other side kept on speculating about its smoking habits until they get to know its age. Only weather and DNA can make a 5-year-old kid cough like a 50-year-old man. So whose fault is it? Well, it’s its ancestors’ fault. Note: Maybe we can’t do anything about… Continue reading Whose fault is it if a 5-year-old kid coughs like a 50-year-old man?


Suicide is not the Solution

Enough is Enough. Terrace. Night. Standing on the edge, Raj was battling with a thought; the fatal decision was imminent. 15th floor would be enough, he thought and took a deep breath. "Are you sure about this? I thought you adore me," she said. Raj sighed. "This love, I wonder, is the reason. If I… Continue reading Suicide is not the Solution