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Auli: Where I met Snow and Rediscovered Friendship!

It was the moment I had been trekking for since morning; and wondering for since childhood. I had seen it numerous times before in the newspaper, in movies, in dreams but never for real. I always wondered whether the superlatives used by the poets for snow were descriptive or an exaggeration to amplify its beauty.… Continue reading Auli: Where I met Snow and Rediscovered Friendship!

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Broken Souls ( A Small Poem)

He lusted for her body, she craved for his soul; sadly, both had been compromised by time's vicious troll. But the moment they both realized┬áthat broken souls can complement; the wounds got healed, and their relationship got a love supplement. Whenever he saw her again, his eyes saw something new; as if a new life… Continue reading Broken Souls ( A Small Poem)