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I’m Fine!

It's hard but convenient to say, 'I'M FINE,' when you are not. But it doesn't have to be that hard. It can be easy if you have the right kind of bond with people around you.  Yes, you can fool many with a smile or a chuckle, but spare some by sharing the load on your… Continue reading I’m Fine!

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What’s the fuss with this love/valentine’s Week?

It's that time of the year, when love is in the air.A day dedicated to different ways of showing love for a whole week. I mean, when would you get that again in a year, officially? But is proposing, giving gifts, kissing the only ways to express love? In many marriages or relationships,Holding their hair when… Continue reading What’s the fuss with this love/valentine’s Week?


The Last Letter From His Father

When Sam was a kid, his father used to keep rewards and punishments, a surprise. Sam sometimes got a dessert on flunking an exam, but also got grounded sometimes for doing something good. The only exception was the star (a silver-colored plastic cutout) that he received whenever he gave his 100 percent, irrespective of results.… Continue reading The Last Letter From His Father


Auli: Where I met Snow and Rediscovered Friendship!

It was the moment I had been trekking for since morning; and wondering for since childhood. I had seen it numerous times before in the newspaper, in movies, in dreams but never for real. I always wondered whether the superlatives used by the poets for snow were descriptive or an exaggeration to amplify its beauty.… Continue reading Auli: Where I met Snow and Rediscovered Friendship!

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Sorry But I Can’t (Express My Love)

I might say I don't love you, but I know I do, I might say you mean nothing, but my life is nothing without you, I might never show concern, but I peek at you from a distance apart,, I might hurt you sometimes, but sometimes I unintentionally play such part,, I do care. I love you too, but when it comes to saying that, SORRY BUT I CAN'T..................