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Baste bandhe, ticket katali..na milli marzi, to nazar churali..tha wo savera, bhale raat thi kaali,meri pehli trip thi rafting wali..out of office kia, flight mode pe dala,ab tang na karega beep beep salla,aur shuru hua safarnamamere sawaalo ka safarnama... thandi hawa ka jhoka, nature me sone ka maukaterna bhi nahi ata, par wait kar rahi thi… Continue reading Safarnama


It Sucks (What I learnt in my 29 years of life)

It sucks being good or passionate about something where any kind of success depends upon an element of luck.It sucks being in a relationship where you care more.It sucks having different ideology than your parents if they are adamant about theirs.It sucks being an honest person when the whole society is corrupted and nothing moves… Continue reading It Sucks (What I learnt in my 29 years of life)

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Are you living a life like Chibo?

Are You?

Love, Laugh, and Live - Ataraxissoul

No matter which field we choose, the comparison always comes and hampers our peace of mind. Why the grass is greener on the other side, is always the concern in everybody’s mind. But is it really greener? Or, it just seems so?

From the onset of winning the sperm race, Who Will Reach The Egg First, we are in a constant state of comparison. Earlier, it was with our siblings for the parent’s love, but later, it was with everyone else for something or the other. It’s like a race which had been perfectly demonstrated in the movie 3 Idiots by Boman Irani’s character, Virus. But where is the finish line? Or, I should rather say, is there a finish line?

Well, there are many philosophies by many great minds, who have ever lived, to solve this mystery for the rest. However, it is surprising that almost every philosophy…

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Move On

It’s very essential to let bygones be bygones but sometimes the approach is different.
Sometimes you have to destroy, sometimes you have to preserve.

Love, Laugh, and Live - Ataraxissoul

Today, I am going to write about the 2 words we hear almost after every tragedy in our lives,”MOVE ON”.

Is it really that simple?
Or, is it just a way to console yourself that future would be better?
Or, just like those things which are easy to say but very hard to implement?

I don’t know how many times I have said it to others, but I do remember how hard it was for me, TO SAY THEM TO MYSELF.

Saying to others is sometimes just showing sympathy; as u really care for that person. However, when you are the patient it’s a lot harder. Emotions always come in between. You know what’s right for you, but still…

It’s kind of funny and weird but that’s what life sometimes becomes, a tricky game where you know how to play but still couldn’t play that way.

The second main thing…

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The Root Cause of Many Mental Health Issues

It's a dark phase, I understand. I have been there a lot of times myself. It may seems that nobody understands you. (They may not). But how would you know if you don't open? Seeking help in such times is sometimes the best thing to do. Your problems are your problems to solve, I agree.… Continue reading The Root Cause of Many Mental Health Issues