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Yes, Me Too!

#MeToo The only incident, of the few that I had to face, that I was never able to forget during my childhood was, "Bhai badi nice chest hai teri! Chest nahi Breast!" (Bro what a nice chest you have; just like breasts) he said, followed by a spank on my chest! I got scarred by… Continue reading Yes, Me Too!

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Have you ever Laughed at a Fat person?

"Hey you, FAT ASS, give me some space! I need to sit."With my eyes playing HIDE AND SEEK,And my heart feeling so weak,I shifted inside,with a sense of having lost my pride."Hey, Fatty, how are you?""Oye, is it your Chest or your Brest?""Would you like to have something? Oh, I meant EVERYYTHINGGG!"And many more words… Continue reading Have you ever Laughed at a Fat person?