Mallal (Regret)

Abhi to zindagi chalu hui hi thiAbhi to khushiya kuch khili hi thiAbhi to dil ne umeede bhari hi thiki ho gai ek dastak! Khola darwaja tu usse khada paya,dil me mand mand sa ek malaal ubhar ayapiche se apno ki khilkaria sunai de rahi thiaur samne apni maut dikh rahi thi.. Usne ek kadam… Continue reading Mallal (Regret)

Musings/Opinionated Articles

What life lessons does Coronavirus teach us?

Coronavirus is causing havoc everywhere.People are losing jobs; some are exploiting all their savings, and some are even without a home and stranded on foreign soil. It has been over 2 months of lockdown (in India) but still, the situation is far from under control. (even though our ministers are boasting of being ahead of… Continue reading What life lessons does Coronavirus teach us?


The Last Letter From His Father

When Sam was a kid, his father used to keep rewards and punishments, a surprise. Sam sometimes got a dessert on flunking an exam, but also got grounded sometimes for doing something good. The only exception was the star (a silver-colored plastic cutout) that he received whenever he gave his 100 percent, irrespective of results.… Continue reading The Last Letter From His Father