Is life fair or unfair?

Is Life Fair? No. Life is Life. Didn't understand? Let me rephrase it. You throw a Dice, expecting some number to come. When it comes, Dice/Life is fair. When it doesn't, Dice/Life is unfair. But in real, Dice is Dice, and Life is life. Based on our circumstances and their chronology, we can term life… Continue reading Is life fair or unfair?

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Life of a Bully

Such is the life of a bully. They bully everyone! They bully everyone.Not that there is anything wrong with others.Something is wrong with the bullies.They say they are awesome, but something is broken inside them.That's what they try to suppress:An undealt-with emotion, insecurity, trauma at their homes.Or, they are just being spoiled due to their… Continue reading Life of a Bully

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How To Know IF Someone Dislikes You?

Pixabay We come across a lot of people every day. Let it be our colleagues, friends, acquaintances, relatives, neighbours and so on, depending upon the day or occasion. Some of them put us in the best of moods whereas some just seem to be wrong. YES, WRONG. IT VIBES WRONG. Their fake smile might fool… Continue reading How To Know IF Someone Dislikes You?

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Book Review #2 – Tuesdays with Morrie

I would like to start with some confessions: I bought it because it was a bestseller in the self-help genre and was on sale. It gained e-dust on my kindle shelf for 7 months. Uffff! Feeling so light after shedding those off my shoulder. I felt miserable for keeping such a wonderful book waiting for… Continue reading Book Review #2 – Tuesdays with Morrie

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Are you living a life like Chibo?

Are You?

Love, Laugh, and Live - Ataraxissoul

No matter which field we choose, the comparison always comes and hampers our peace of mind. Why the grass is greener on the other side, is always the concern in everybody’s mind. But is it really greener? Or, it just seems so?

From the onset of winning the sperm race, Who Will Reach The Egg First, we are in a constant state of comparison. Earlier, it was with our siblings for the parent’s love, but later, it was with everyone else for something or the other. It’s like a race which had been perfectly demonstrated in the movie 3 Idiots by Boman Irani’s character, Virus. But where is the finish line? Or, I should rather say, is there a finish line?

Well, there are many philosophies by many great minds, who have ever lived, to solve this mystery for the rest. However, it is surprising that almost every philosophy…

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