How a deadline made me a Rapper?

Deadlines do many things besides giving stress.They force creativity, and productivity out of you.The following is a Rap Review of the series Paatal Lok that released last year on Amazon Prime.My friend told me that me there is a competition going on where we can submit anything related to the storyline.But the constraint was I… Continue reading How a deadline made me a Rapper?

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What’s your Religion? The one you got from your parents?

Religion.I got my parent's during my birth. But yesterday, I contemplated mine.   I was roaming with my friend on Baba Kharak Singh Marg at CP (in Delhi). Seeing the glittering dome of Bangla Sahib in front, he asked me:"You love going to Bangla Sahib, don't you?" And, without any pause, I affirmed with a… Continue reading What’s your Religion? The one you got from your parents?


Cough Cough (World No Tobacco Day)

A train from Mumbai Central gained some speed as passengers were settling down. Kids grabbing the window seats; Sharma Ji sinking his eyes in The Economic Times; Miss Fernandes pleading for a lower berth seat for her grandma; Mr. Oberoi and his 3 friends spreading a blanket in between them to play cards; and the… Continue reading Cough Cough (World No Tobacco Day)

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Ghar Par Bandi (Locked at House due to lockdown)

Kya aap bhi pareshaan ho, ki ghar par bandi ho?Chahe fir wo ghar walo ke saath roz ki bhasad, ya fir business me cha rahi mandi ho...? To suno.... Waqt kabhi kehkr nahi ata, wo bas kehkar leleta hai!khushnasib hai wo,jo use haske seh leta hai... Kyunki apni pareshania to sabko badi lagti hai,kisko khane… Continue reading Ghar Par Bandi (Locked at House due to lockdown)

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Dil Ki Baat (Straight from the Heart)

Arranged marriages can be complicated at times. Even today, two people get tied for eternity even without knowing each other.And a communication gap ensues.However, love or arranged, a marriage requires love to blossom beautifully. And who said love can't be found in an arranged marriage? It can if both the people are commited to make it… Continue reading Dil Ki Baat (Straight from the Heart)