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What have WE done!

These days we all are facing problems due to pollution but who caused it? It's us who are the culprits by neglecting environment for our needs. It's us who still don't take proper measures. I know that large-scale industries are causing much of the damage, but by not paying attention to our small actions, aren't… Continue reading What have WE done!

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Yes, Me Too!

#MeToo The only incident, of the few that I had to face, that I was never able to forget during my childhood was, "Bhai badi nice chest hai teri! Chest nahi Breast!" (Bro what a nice chest you have; just like breasts) he said, followed by a spank on my chest! I got scarred by… Continue reading Yes, Me Too!

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He Was Not ‘Normal’

He sits on the front seat; he disliked studies but dreaded how the others treat. He holds his lunch near; sometimes out of embarrassment, sometimes out of fear. He stammers till the last sentence; the paragraph ends, not the scorning nuisance. He weeps after he reaches home; he suffered from the ‘Why everyone hates me’ syndrome.… Continue reading He Was Not ‘Normal’

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What’s wrong with this world?

Well, everything is OK with the world. It's just the attitude of its dwellers which is shifting, or frankly speaking, is going down the hill. Here is an example. A person "A" was laughing while sitting on a bench. It wasn't an insane laugh, just a normal one. More of a smile, I suppose. Oh sorry,… Continue reading What’s wrong with this world?

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A candle for all: remembering the innocent souls

A candle for all, Those innocent souls; A candle for all,  Who took that fall; Who took that fall; A fall of humanity, Dreams and more; With excruciating pain, Our hearts sore; The moon that night, Cried and refused; Candles flickered, Over earth, which was perfused; The cry is silent, No tears but blood; Our… Continue reading A candle for all: remembering the innocent souls

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Why Only “Y”(Female Foeticide)

(Poem by a foetus in her mother's Womb) I didn't want an X, was craving for a Y; as I want to live outside and now, I just might die.   They say they don't differentiate, a cold-blooded lie; They say they would be happy, huh! only if they sincerely try.   They will either leave me alone,… Continue reading Why Only “Y”(Female Foeticide)