She was happily out of reach

The river was babbling beneath her feet, Her lover was murmuring in her ears, Her left hand was intertwining into his right. Her heart was skipping beats, whenever his breath fell on her neck or cheeks. Her employees were getting an "Out of coverage area" message on calling their CEO. But she was never this… Continue reading She was happily out of reach


Clouds were Crimson Red

Clouds were Crimson Red, So was the fluid dripping from her hand. It was a lovely evening until she stumbled on the stand. She balanced herself somehow and licked her creamy right wrist, But her red goggles fell, which were giving her life a zombiesque twist. Such is the imagination of a child.


Suicide is not the Solution

Enough is Enough. Terrace. Night. Standing on the edge, Raj was battling with a thought; the fatal decision was imminent. 15th floor would be enough, he thought and took a deep breath. "Are you sure about this? I thought you adore me," she said. Raj sighed. "This love, I wonder, is the reason. If I… Continue reading Suicide is not the Solution

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A Year of Goodbyes, Creativity, and Lessons!

It started with a promise and ended with some regrets; however, the regrets are fewer this time. Does that make it a grateful year then? Oh Yes! I am grateful; though it could have been crazier had she shown some interest. After all, I found her from the stack of profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram… Continue reading A Year of Goodbyes, Creativity, and Lessons!