His Funeral – A poem

He brought me to life, I carried him to his pyre. No laurels, no pride, I could just manage some fire. My whole world wobbled, my prayers reeked betrayal, The love we couldn't share, fell from my cheeks at his funeral.


Whose Side Are You On?

Who would have thought we would be all on one side one day?All against an invisible enemy.An enemy that affects our respiratory system.An enemy that spreads better than gossip. No vaccine. No specific cure.Some patients are even asymptotic.But can they spread the disease? Yeah, for sure. Economy has collapsed.People are losing their health and loved… Continue reading Whose Side Are You On?

Poetry · storytelling

Ghar Par Bandi (Locked at House due to lockdown)

Kya aap bhi pareshaan ho, ki ghar par bandi ho?Chahe fir wo ghar walo ke saath roz ki bhasad, ya fir business me cha rahi mandi ho...? To suno.... Waqt kabhi kehkr nahi ata, wo bas kehkar leleta hai!khushnasib hai wo,jo use haske seh leta hai... Kyunki apni pareshania to sabko badi lagti hai,kisko khane… Continue reading Ghar Par Bandi (Locked at House due to lockdown)