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Emotions (1 min. read)

Emotion expressed can be quite deceitful and sometimes conflicts with the general way of expressing it. A Tear of Joy can be thousand times stronger than a smile (and is never a fake), whereas a Smile can be an upside-down umbrella to cover the depression or evilness inside.

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Monday Motivation #1

Sometimes when everything seems to be uphill, even a little piece of advice, a random image, a quote from an author, or a scene from a movie can do wonders in rekindling your fire to deliver your best. Just keep your eyes and minds open. Always remember the words of my one of my favourite… Continue reading Monday Motivation #1

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Show Some Faith – (1 min read)

Show some Faith! Not only in yourself and God, but also in people around you. Let it be your relatives, family, friends or a complete stranger who shows some sign of struggle or talent. As sometimes, some people suffers from a crisis of faith or are at a starting of a new journey in their… Continue reading Show Some Faith – (1 min read)