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The Root Cause of Many Mental Health Issues

It's a dark phase, I understand. I have been there a lot of times myself. It may seems that nobody understands you. (They may not). But how would you know if you don't open?   Seeking help in such times is sometimes the best thing to do. Your problems are your problems to solve, I… Continue reading The Root Cause of Many Mental Health Issues

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Talent Vs Practice

Since birth we have been misdirected when it comes to the word talent. They, our elders (parents and many teachers) talk in terms of black and white only. Either you have it or you don't. And it leads to acceptance or rebellion, whichever suits your most dominant nature. For years, I chose acceptance. Since my… Continue reading Talent Vs Practice

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3 Questions to Ponder Over on this Earth Day

Yes, I'm talking about the planet we are living on. I could have taken any day to rant on this topic, but to do it on the Earth Day has its own benefits. Yeah, Earth has a day of its own and it deserves more than that. To a lot of people, Earth has the… Continue reading 3 Questions to Ponder Over on this Earth Day

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Why is Suicide a paradox?

Enough is Enough. Terrace. Night. Standing on the edge, Raj was battling with a thought; and the fatal decision was imminent. 15th floor would be enough, he thought, and took a deep breath. "Are you sure about this? I thought you adore me," She said. Raj sighed. "This love, I wonder, is the reason. If… Continue reading Why is Suicide a paradox?

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I’ll Never Procras…….

Did you like it? “Like? What was there to like, dude?” No!? But I had put so much thought behind it. It would be one of my best posts in the years to come. How can you not like it? “But you didn’t put anything out there, bro.”   I know. But didn't it resonate… Continue reading I’ll Never Procras…….

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Depression : A Symbiote To Your Personality

Depression is a symbiote to your personality. It comes in the form of thoughts but start to become a part of you. And before you even realize, it becomes so indistinguishable from your self-image that you start to believe it's you. It’s only when you see some patterns you get to know that something is… Continue reading Depression : A Symbiote To Your Personality

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Book Fairies in the Delhi Metro

It was a tiring night, and the commute towards home was getting unbearable. Bag-to-bag stacked people were engrossed in their smartphones, when one of them saw ‘ a book has been dropped post’ on the next station. But his competitor saw it too, and in an eye-contact it was decided, ‘yeh wali meri hai. You… Continue reading Book Fairies in the Delhi Metro