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What’s Your Religion?

Religion. I got my parent's during my birth. But yesterday, I contemplated mine.   I was roaming with my friend on Baba Kharak Singh Marg at CP (in Delhi). Seeing the glittering dome of Bangla Sahib in front, he asked me: You love going to Bangla Sahib, don't you?   And, without any pause, I… Continue reading What’s Your Religion?

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The Frustrated Sheep

Once there was a sheep who was frustrated from its life. Why? Because it saw the murder of a fellow grass eater by a beast with wet white pointed teeth; and when she overcame the nightmares of that haunted scene, its wool was greedily snatched away. So, not only the sheep was haunted but naked… Continue reading The Frustrated Sheep

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A Small Prayer to Almighty!

  Sing me a song or the darkness would creep me out; The loneliness in itself is depressing, and my body is shivering with a doubt. Sing me a song, to let me know you care; And at the precipice, I will have the courage to dare. Sing me a song, to soothe my weary… Continue reading A Small Prayer to Almighty!