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A Present!

Being in the present is the best remedy for people dealing with Anxiety and Disappointment. Gift someone some precious moments of your present and show compassion. It will help them a lot. #comicart #mentalhealth

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Plight of Street Artists

The bustled lanes of CP never cease to intimidate you. Having an aura of its own, they are full of curious shoppers (window-shoppers too), enthusiastic vendors, into-each-other couples, beautiful ladies, and not-allowed-at-any-happening-place-on-weekends stags. A different feel which only a Delhite cannot distinguish, as it’s our Go-to place, like dal-chawal. Well, there is one more category.… Continue reading Plight of Street Artists

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Positive Mindset Makes All The Difference

Ram felt weird on receiving a delicious scoop of Malted Chocolate. Why? Because he dreads being overweight. Sounds ridiculous? Let me rephrase it… Sham felt weird and didn’t sign up for a new project. Why? Because he feared the unknown and apprehends obstacles and failure. Sounds familiar? I know it does. We all resonate with… Continue reading Positive Mindset Makes All The Difference

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What’s Your Religion?

Religion. I got my parent's during my birth. But yesterday, I contemplated mine.   I was roaming with my friend on Baba Kharak Singh Marg at CP (in Delhi). Seeing the glittering dome of Bangla Sahib in front, he asked me: You love going to Bangla Sahib, don't you?   And, without any pause, I… Continue reading What’s Your Religion?

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Skepticism & Optimism

A skeptical person asked his friend, S: Why did you visit an astrologer? Do you believe in what he says? F: I don't care if it's right or wrong. S: Then? F: I just go there for a narcissistic pleasure. If he says good things, I appease my wailing heart of a better future. S:… Continue reading Skepticism & Optimism

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It Was All Black!

There we were, standing outside our decorated house, watching fire engulfing almost all the memories we had preserved, and giving out a black smoke which was silently laughing at our tribulations; soaring to the sky to let other people know about it too. But what we could do then? Phone calls had been made. Prayers… Continue reading It Was All Black!

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Wordless Conversations are the Best Conversations

  Words might need a conversation but a conversation doesn’t need words; it needs 2 people who want to interact. Conversations are an essential part of our lives. We can’t really live without them. Even if you are a loner, you have conversations with yourself every time you stop yourself from talking to someone; or,… Continue reading Wordless Conversations are the Best Conversations