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What this Pandemic taught me about Living?

It’s hard to think about life when you have lost half of your world. No matter how hard you try, it always feels…


No amount of rationalizations, justifications, or philosophy can make sense of such a world. Especially if you are sitting with a knife to dissect all those rumblings with a simple and innocent question:
He deserved better. A better life. Why didn’t God take me instead of him?

But such questions never get answered. They only cause pain. Pain to your peace. Pain to your beliefs. Pain to your existence.

They cause pain until you get so numb that you stop questioning their presence and embrace their existence. They are there for a reason.

They are there because you didn’t understand the fragility of life. They are there because, underneath all those dreams and fantasies of the future, you forgot to live the present.
And we all are culprits of this.

So, when each day we are waking to someone known either requesting for a hospital bed, or something as basic as oxygen, it asks several questions. Hard questions.

One of which is WHAT IF.

And then there’s silence and often, Panic.

Though the panic is emotionally justified, there’s only limited assistance it can offer. And that’s why the only possible thing we can do is to take as many safety measures as we can.

And Live. And Love. And Laugh.

Live in the present. Be grateful for the present. Fight through the hard things, but let the love flourish. Help if you can, but pray you must. For even if death knocks our door, till then, it’s life that we should all cherish.
Express love for your loved ones. Every moment. For our time is limited. And this pandemic is making sure for some, it will be.

As the whole point of living is to give your everything while you are alive. Especially love.
Especially Love.

Ps – I hope you all and your loved ones come alive from this pandemic, but in your fight, be it now against the virus or in future for your dreams, don’t forget to share each and every moment with your people with love.

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