How a deadline made me a Rapper?

Deadlines do many things besides giving stress.

They force creativity, and productivity out of you.

The following is a Rap Review of the series Paatal Lok that released last year on Amazon Prime.

My friend told me that me there is a competition going on where we can submit anything related to the storyline.

But the constraint was I didn’t watch the series till that point and the deadline was in 3 days.

And I had that urge to create.

So, I pulled all the resources I had (bluetooth speaker, Laptop, Pen and Paper), took 2 days off of work to watch the series and make it, and utilized whatever I had learnt in Udemy about video editing to make this.

I didn’t win the competition, but the product is close to my heart.

It also told me that I can pull this stuff, too. 🙂

Do give your feedback.

Ps – The voice recording could be a little better, I know. 😅

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