Is life fair or unfair?

Is Life Fair?


Life is Life.

Didn’t understand?

Let me rephrase it.

You throw a Dice, expecting some number to come.

When it comes, Dice/Life is fair.

When it doesn’t, Dice/Life is unfair.

But in real, Dice is Dice, and Life is life.

Based on our circumstances and their chronology, we can term life to be either fair or unfair. But in real, it’s a subjective look.

Did you work hard and still didn’t get the result?
You know, some students couldn’t even give the exam after all the preparation due to traffic or a punctured tyre. (My father quarrelled with the gate-keeper to let some of those students enter the premises when I had my entrance exam. They were late just by a few minutes, and it cost some of them a year.)

Did god send you on earth short-handed in your chosen craft (issues with why you don’t have a god-given talent)?
You know how many sperms you had beaten in your first race? Doesn’t this make this life the biggest god-given gift to you ever?

And I can go on with examples to tell you a simple thing, life is life.

It can be fair or unfair depending upon the glasses you are wearing and what you are facing right now.

But as the future is unpredictable, anything can transform from an unfortunate incident to a blessing in disguise.

That’s why some elders are wise and always stay calm in different situations. They know,

Anything bad could have been worse.
Anything that looks good in the present can be disastrous in the future.
And that blessings in disguise do exist.

Life has a way of evolving our thought process. It goes something like this.

Life is Fair -> Life is Unfair -> Life is life.

You might have been born into the second category, but believe me, everyone goes through this phase. And if you apply yourself properly, you can enjoy this once-in-a lifetime-experience of being alive.

Something that will only happen once for the character (insert your name here) who is reading it right now.

And you have the free will to decide what will it mean for others after you have left this realm.

So, don’t leave this opportunity because you think somebody above is not fair to you.


Just experience it and give it your all.
Be grateful for this experience and live it like you want.
Live it like you will never get a chance again to live it.
Because in all certainty, you won’t.

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