Whose Side Are You On?

Who would have thought we would be all on one side one day?
All against an invisible enemy.
An enemy that affects our respiratory system.
An enemy that spreads better than gossip.

No vaccine.
No specific cure.
Some patients are even asymptotic.
But can they spread the disease? Yeah, for sure.

Economy has collapsed.
People are losing their health and loved ones.
Necessities have become luxuries for some.
Healthcare is only accessible to some.

Masks, Sanitization and Social Distancing are the weapons we have.
Caution is all we could take.

But, still, if you refuse to have your mask on,
Whose side are you on?

It hurts, I agree.
But does it hurt more than the guilt of spreading it?
If even the thought of that guilt couldn’t put your mask on,
Whose side are you on?

I agree you might have strong immunity.
But can you say the same about your family?
What if they have a co-morbidity?
Ain’t protecting them your responsibility?
If even this cannot put your mask on,
Please tell me, whose side are you on?

As there are only two sides.
And any human should not be on the side of the virus.

Are you?

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