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I’m Fine!

It’s hard but convenient to say, ‘I’M FINE,’ when you are not. But it doesn’t have to be that hard.

It can be easy if you have the right kind of bond with people around you. 

Yes, you can fool many with a smile or a chuckle, but spare some by sharing the load on your soul. 

Spare some the pain of realizing that they didn’t know it earlier. 

Spare some by taking your bond deeper with them. 

It should be so deep that even if you cry from hell, they would listen. 

Because we all are in hell sometimes. 

And I know, the best memes in the world don’t say that about your best friends, but that’s what a best friend is there for. 

To suit up as your sidekick, or, to come between you and your demon and shout at it, ‘You Shall Not Pass.’ Or, to just listen to you spewing all that venom outside so that it doesn’t hurt you inside.

Ps – Make those bonds.

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