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People Are Afraid

People are afraid.

People are afraid that they might get infected.

People are afraid that other people would treat them as untouchables if they get infected.

People are afraid of the term untouchable because we have used that term against a section of our society for a very long time. 😦

Now, people are afraid of it subconsciously.

And people hide when they are afraid.

That would be the last thing we need to fight against this disease.

The fight is against the disease and not the diseased.

The fight needs us to be open about your symptoms if they arise.

The fight needs the rest to look with care and not stare at the diseased.

Or, there would be more cases where many people would get trapped at varied places out of fear.

They even might try to hide their symptoms if they can and would try to access public transport to reach their homes.

That can cause a disaster.

So, don’t let the diseased feel like he’s not safe.
Maintain a physical distance, but not an emotional one.

Then only, we could fight it.

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