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What life lessons does Coronavirus teach us?

Coronavirus is causing havoc everywhere.

People are losing jobs; some are exploiting all their savings, and some are even without a home and stranded on foreign soil.

It has been over 2 months of lockdown (in India) but still, the situation is far from under control. (even though our ministers are boasting of being ahead of it, yeah why not)

It’s true that if you are a little privileged in terms of resources, you can make the most of this situation by focusing on other aspects of life.

But if you are not, mere survival can be an enormous task.

And when it comes to survival, life compels us to revise its lessons.

Lessons that were taught but never learned.

For the past few days, I’m also revising the lessons life tried to teach me. They rush from deep within in the form of tears sometimes, and sometimes in the form of determination.
As the mere imagination of losing the life you have made so many sacrifices for seems to be unfair. Imagining losing a loved one is even worse.

So, here I’m sharing the lessons that Life has re-taught me in the past few days.

  • Nothing is certain except this present moment – A friend of a friend died in a day after showing the symptoms. And then there is a 90-year-old someone who survived after battling for 6 weeks.
  • One’s mistake can cost everybody – A family in our neighbourhood suffered (till date, 3-4 people are COVID-19 positive) because one of the family members got infected when he went out during complete lockdowns.
  • Accepting your own mortality is difficult but liberating I recently wrote an article on this, READ IT HERE.
  • Accepting the thoughts that you might lose a loved one is heart wrenching but necessary – This is the lesson that can tear anyone apart. This is the toughest lesson to digest. But it reminds us of the first lesson and urges us to share our feelings and love them every day.
  • All you have for things not under your control is FAITH– When a lesson is hard, and indigestible, this lesson comes to the rescue.

I know it’s tough but never for a second think of FAITH and ACCEPTANCE to be the crutches in these times. No.

They are the pillars to keep us sane in these insane times. And whenever you find yourself going insane due to overwhelming emotions, you can work on your pillars to fight this time through.

Take Care.

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