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What if this is my last post due to Covid-19?

In his commencement speech at Stanford, Steve Jobs said that facing your mortality is the best advice to have some perspective about life.

And since that day, every time I face a decision, I think what would I have done if this is my last decision.

The advice works. (It unveils what I really want in that situation.)

No, I didn’t succeed in all those endeavours. But my heart is not heavy with regret.

The regret of not trying.

Therefore, when Covid-19 became the invisible enemy and uncertainty started looming over our heads, the same mortality question knocked on the door: “What if?”

What if there is no tomorrow?

I have dealt with this question before too, but this time the threat is not hypothetical.

The threat is actual and so are the consequences.

That’s why I again meditated on the question: What If?

And the answer was, give your best in this moment. What else you could do?
(As I asked this question multiple times, I shared my feelings; I tried exploring my potential and took risks.)

But when I had asked this question for the first time, the answer was: I would regret not doing__________.

I’m not saying I have accomplished all those things. On the contrary, I failed a lot, but I’m still trying.
It’s not that I don’t have dreams. I have and I’m doing what I can every day.

That’s the reason I started sharing everything on my social media. All the lessons, all the experiences, that might help others on the same journey. (Without waiting to have the status symbol as a proof of credibility.)

And with the same thought, I’m sharing this too.

As if this is my last post, I hope it’s not, I want to share this:

Don’t procrastinate out of fear. Your dream is waiting for you.

Because I procrastinated a lot out of fear.

When I was a kid, I was fat AF. I procrastinated in joining extracurricular activities out of fear of embarrassment.
Result – I still don’t know how to swim or do martial arts. (I would have joined swimming this year but….. you know, Covid-19 is everywhere)

When I was in college, I procrastinated in sharing my feelings.
Result – When I finally did, it was too late.

However, there are two things I didn’t procrastinate in:

  1. Learning Guitar. (Though I realized it late)
    Result – I can play any song’s tune by hearing it. One of my lifelines.
  2. Sharing my writing without waiting to get perfect.
    Result – This blog, some FB pages and some heartfelt feedback messages that I’ll cherish throughout my life.

    That’s why I want to say: Please, don’t wait. Explore your talent. Unearth your potential.

I hope you remain safe and healthy and pass this uncertain time unscratched. But do meditate on what if.
And who knows, this pandemic gives you something that transforms your life in a wonderful way.

PS – Thanks for reading this or any of my content. It means a lot. Stay safe. 🙂

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