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Why YouTube Vs TikTok lacks Depth?

No, this is not a biased article in anybody’s favour.

I think the whole concept of YouTube Vs TikTok lacks depth.

When I was in class7th, all the students debated to be in either of the two groups: Maths or English.

Maths side: What’s so cool about these Shakespearian poems that make little sense?
English side: Oh! Can you tell us a practical application of Tan@ and Sin@?

How foolish both the sides were!

Here also, the debate lacks depth.

It’s not about the subject or platform but the way you understand or use it.

Where Maths adds logic and reasoning to life, literature adds beauty and perception.

Similarly, where YouTube allows creators to monetise their talent, TikTok facilitates even amateurs to showcase their talent with its editing prowess.

YouTube is great for education and entertainment (long-form content) both, whereas TikTok specializes in entertainment and short-form content. (Can be used for educational summaries, or snippets of a long-form thing)

Now, how the people use them is totally their prerogative. And it would be absurd to rate the platforms on its basis.

You know, in that class example, who never took part in the debate?
The ones who excelled at both of them

Do you know who started this debate in the class? The ones who were so bad in one of these subjects, that they couldn’t even see the ones who were good in them.

But, almost the entire class got mad. Because the others wanted to side with their friends. (Aren’t we as spectators doing the same right now by using foul language for the other party?)

For video content, both the platforms provide creators tools to share their talent. I feel for a newbie, TikTok would be easier to make content, whereas YouTube could be the next step to monetise that talent.

Can TikTokers replace YouTubers if they come on YouTube?
If they can build long-form content consistently for a long time without getting the algorithm advantage at the starting, they may.
Because that’s how any new creator makes his place.

Is it right to harass someone online or threaten someone on the phone?
NO. That’s wrong, no matter who you are.

What are these platforms for?

These platforms are for anybody to use and can’t be stereotyped.

For instance:

– It could be a part of a creator’s sales funnel or marketing strategy.
– It could be a teaser for her original content elsewhere.
– It could also be a creative vent from a frustrating or busy life.

Even a YouTuber can make content on TikTok (which I think they are doing) to redirect people to their other accounts. (They can add two links in the bio, itself)

And similarly, TikTokers can take their audience to their content on YouTube. Having an audience will favor them with trending and Watch Hours. (If they wish to)

But it’s sad that they are fighting. Even worse, harassing/threatening each other.

Something for the audience (Yes, us)

Guys, we are already going through a tough time of Quarantine and Pandemic. Harassing people, just for the sake of taking sides, would only spread hate.

We need as much compassion and peace as possible. So please refrain from such activities and follow whichever content you like better.

PS – If you feel I have missed some points, please mention them in the comments. I will try to address them in the next post.

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