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Beware of the Content you Consume

Content, Content, Content!

From a tweet of one word to a 3-hr movie, content surrounds us.
And manipulates us.

Humans are highly impressionable. It doesn’t need much to influence our emotions, opinions, decisions, and eventually, actions.

For instance, the effect of a slap in a movie depends on its background music theme. Isn’t?

Yes, it’s that easy.

Because content seeks context for its comprehension.

And when the context is maligned with ulterior motives or persuasion techniques, it results in a content that’s meant for manipulation.

Media houses, political parties, social influencers, salespersons, filmmakers, and even religious preachers bend the context to serve their needs.

And we, as gullible as we are, believe them. Follow them. Worship them.

So be aware the next time you consume content. Maybe there’s a maligned context underneath.

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