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What to do at Home during Social Distancing or Isolation?

If coronavirus is the lemon, then social isolation at home is the time to make lemonade.”

To stop the spread of coronavirus, and save yourself it’s necessary to practice social distancing or isolation.

But it doesn’t mean that life has to come to a standstill.
A lot can be done and I won’t waste time in telling you why.
It’s your time, and you can waste it wherever you want.
But if you want to make up the most of it, here are some suggestions.

Improve your Relationships

A fast-paced life has left no time for the critical relationships in our life.
The ones we take for granted.
The ones we lost because of lack of communication.
It’s the perfect time to spend with them.

It will serve two purposes:
– They won’t get bored during social distancing, too
– You will upgrade your life with strong relationships.

What to do?

  • Talk to your family while having a cup of tea and snacks.
  • Enjoy Netflix and Chill with them.
  • Iron out the differences the lack of time has made.
  • Have video-chats with friends you haven’t seen for a long time. (Just liking their posts on FB or tagging them in Memes won’t do)
  • Discuss your dreams and fears with your family.
  • Assist your mom in household works. (Works like magic)

Sometimes, all you need is a conversation to make relationships great again.

To Upgrade Your Skills

Talent might be inborn, but skills are acquired.
It takes time and effort. (And guess what, you have time in plenty, right now)
You might be a terrible something on Day One, but if you persist, you would be someone in that thing One Day.
So what’s that one thing for you?

Your Job?
Some hobby?
Something you are incompetent at?
Or something you think you don’t have the talent for, but want badly?

Learn it.

What to do?

  • Go to Coursera, Udemy, Udacity, YouTube, Skillshare etc. and do a course. Be it a job or a hobby.
  • Starting courses for any skill are either free or very cheap for the amount of quality they will add to your life.
  • If it’s a hobby or something you always wanted to do, practice. Give it time and it will give you happiness.

If only people know what an hour could do, they would invest their every second in developing themselves..

Social Distancing for Self Reflection

If you are thinking about skipping this point, you either do it or need it the most.
Self reflection aligns your life with your soul.
It gives you clarity about your life goals, relationships, strengths, weaknesses, your actions and your emotions.

Why do you behave how you behave? Have you ever thought about it?
Why you don’t like your job?
Why aren’t you happy with your gf/bf?

That’s what self-reflection gives.

What to do?

  • Start Journaling. Google it or watch some YouTube videos to get started. This one might help as the creator also offers a free guide.
  • Start Meditating. Sit for 15 minutes with your eyes closed and just focus while you breathe in and breathe out. Don’t control your thoughts. Just bring your attention to your breath. That’s it.
  • If you love to read, read books like Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins, The Monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma, or anything by Alan Watts or J Krishnamurti.
  • Or talk to someone (if you know) who can help you assess yourself.

Consume and Create Quality Stuff

We spend most of our time scrolling. (Are you scrolling through this article, too?)
Or liking celebrities’ pics or reading gossip about their lives.

Ask yourself, is it helping you?
The pics arouse fantasies, and the gossip kills more time as you gossip about it.
And now, when we have all the time, don’t you think these habits will kick in.

No, Don’t. And the only way to stop is to invest your time elsewhere.

What to do?

  • Download ebooks from Amazon. Read summaries or reviews on Goodreads to decide.
  • Read articles on Medium. I think that’s a great source. Better than Buzzfeed, I believe.
  • Explore YouTube. It can be a great source for infotainment. My favourites are The Nerdwriter, Fight Mediocrity, Mensutra, Ryan Holiday and FitTuber.
  • Learn about Money. (Read this for Indian context. For else, read Ramit Sethi)
  • If you can create something, that would be the best thing for your brain and heart.
  • And yes, increase the quality of your entertainment. Refer to this for good recommendations for cinema and web series. And this, for an Indian take on Western Music. There are many such channels. Explore.

Improve Your Health

Health is Wealth. Preserve the first or you would lose both.

If you don’t believe me, ask those who spend their wealth to get some of their health back.
From our eating habits to fitness routine, we compromise everything for convenience.
We say, our life never gives us time to improve them. (Our excuse)

Use this time to improve those habits. (So you won’t fail when life becomes normal again)

What to do?

  • Learn about better eating habits. Follow him on YouTube.
  • You don’t need a Gym for routine but dedication. Start a routine of pushups, squats and skipping for half-an-hr at least. Google Exercise at Home. Gym is for the next level.
  • Eat a balanced diet. Increase protein intake as it’s good for both weight loss and muscle building, both)
  • Say no to processed food, excessive sugar, carbonated drinks, smoking, over-consumption of alcohol, steroids (without proper medical assistance) and eating just before sleeping.

At last, Use this Time to do Neglected Things

Do you make your bed after waking up?
Do you keep your room organized?
Have you bought some books but never read them?
Have you neglected something that you feel guilty but still, procrastinate?

We often give time as the excuse, but we never realize that how even a little thing can impact our lives.
And it’s all about making them a part of your life.

What to do?

Do those things. Utilize this time. Invest this time. And reap the benefits of it in the coming future.

PS. I have tried my best to include all the things I could think of. If you have more ideas, please mention them in the comments.

Stay safe, stay home and utilize this time.

PPS – Share the article if you get anything of value from it. And follow the blog to get updated about the future posts. It motivates me to share more. 🙂

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