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What should be in every brand’s mind right now?

These are tough times. Nobody knows how to handle it effectively.

But an honest effort goes a long way, both in the heart of consumers and for the brand image.

Creative strategies, ruthless optimization, and marketing gimmicks have always been the arrows in a brand’s quiver to win their customers. However, this is a time to show the human side of the brand.

The question in every brand’s mind should be, “how to make this tough period a little smooth for our customers?”

Be it contact-less delivery option by food-delivery platform or handling the cancellation requests for future travel.

But I heard sometime back that a brand (I’m not sure that’s why I won’t name the brand) in the travel domain, called its customers to pay the remaining cost for their future travel or lose their advance as well.

In the time where even next week is uncertain, how wise is it? Do you think their customer will ever forget that? Do you think when the air is clear again, the customers would ever consider the brand for travel booking?

I’m not advocating that a brand should take all the loss on itself, but instead of being ruthless or following a standard protocol, don’t you think having empathy would be more appropriate?

An unprecedented problem needs an unprecedented approach!
What do you think?

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