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What is Depression? How to look for its signs or solution?

Depression is a symbiote to your personality.
It comes in the form of thoughts but becomes a part of you.
And before you realize, it becomes so indistinguishable from your self-image that you believe it’s you.
It’s only when you see some patterns you get to know that something is wrong:
– crying for no apparent reasons
– attracting all the negative things including pity
– change in behaviour
– anger outbursts on your closed ones
Sometimes it gets so severe that you look for escapes, for some relief (anything which releases dopamine in your body.)
There are some constructive escapes (solutions) too, like meditation, exercise, some hobbies but they aren’t the popular choices.
So, what should be the remedy?
Well, this won’t be the place to discuss it but the only advice I would love to give you is to know that you are not this person who wants to self-destruct himself.
You are better than that.
And see depression as a disease, not a permanent condition.
Do you consider yourself the fever, when you get a temperature?
Obviously, No! You seek medication.
The same is the case with depression.
Don’t get disheartened and seek your light. Get proper advice, spend time with people who still see that light in you.
Choose the constructive escapes and have faith. In yourself. ( A cheat code to deal with mild depression.)
You are better than that. 🙂
P.s: I am not a psychologist or a therapist but if you need to talk to a stranger (just to share), you can message me on my FB page or in the comments, here. I would reply as soon as possible. 🙂

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