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What’s the fuss with this love/valentine’s Week?

It’s that time of the year, when love is in the air.
A day dedicated to different ways of showing love for a whole week. I mean, when would you get that again in a year, officially?

But is proposing, giving gifts, kissing the only ways to express love?

In many marriages or relationships,
Holding their hair when they puke after getting sloshed is Love.
Intertwining fingers while walking is Love.
Understanding your partner is Love.
Keeping fast for each other is Love.
Caring but not expressing is Love.
Being able to fart openly is Love.
Clinking of their bangles is Love.
The smell in their clothes is love.
Feeling their absence is Love.
Being yourself is Love.
Missing them is Love.
Sacrificing is Love.
A smile is Love.
Life is Love.

I think different stages of life require a different form of love. Or, different ways of showing love.

When we were kids, we always gave our crushes or bfs/gfs (in my time, it’s a big thing to have one), extra attention or candy on birthdays or anything which shows our love.

In adulthood, understanding and importance in life took that place.

And in old age (guessing it from my grandparents’ life), just the presence of each other and yeah, a farting competition, too (who could fart the loudest) is Love.

*Thankfully, we don’t have a day for farts*

The point is, we don’t need special days to celebrate love. We need to have love to celebrate life joyfully. And it ages beautifully!

Below are some of these love stories:

Childhood Love

Adulthood Love (A workaholic Husband and a shy housewife)

Old Age Love

No PDA, Only Pyaar!

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