It Sucks (What I learnt in my 29 years of life)

  1. It sucks being good or passionate about something where any kind of success depends upon an element of luck.
  2. It sucks being in a relationship where you care more.
  3. It sucks having different ideology than your parents if they are adamant about theirs.
  4. It sucks being an honest person when the whole society is corrupted and nothing moves as smoothly as corruption.
  5. It sucks if your better half snores and you cannot sleep; and they can’t sleep if they don’t snore and you also belong to point no. 2.
  6. It sucks to be punctual when your friends/relatives aren’t.
  7. It sucks to be a health-freak when your friends love to party.
  8. It sucks to be a teetotaler (and non-smoker) if networking is an important part of your job.
  9. It sucks to live in a city with bad air quality if you are suffering from bronchitis.
  10. It sucks when you can’t follow what the majority thinks to be normal and is intolerant towards anything else.
  11. It sucks to not be yourself because your parents or loved ones want something else.

It sucks.
It sucks hard.
It sucks unsavorily.

But do you what doesn’t suck?

Being self aware and giving the best you can. Even if it’s,

  1. Going after your passion with minimal success for a long time.
  2. Caring more in a relationship.
  3. Being able to agree to disagree and respecting your parents, regardless.
  4. Being honest in a dishonest world if that keeps your heart at peace.
  5. Finding a melody or humor in their snores and a good pair of earplugs.
  6. Waiting for your friends while going through your reading/listening list. (An e-reader/podcast app helps)
  7. Attending parties for making memories, and not for the booze or junk. (Requires willpower)
  8. Finding interesting conversations to counter your disinterest in getting inebriated or addicted to smoking.
  9. Living in the city with masks and air-purifiers as the city fulfills your career and relationship needs. (If it doesn’t, Move Out)
  10. Letting the majority think what they want and trying to get your point across scientifically or logically)
  11. Read point no. 2, again. (It’s that important)

That’s the importance of  being self-aware.

As you can’t change or control others.

You can just take care of your things.

And it’s not advisable to change if it sways you from your true nature.

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