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Dil Ki Baat (Straight from the Heart)

Arranged marriages can be complicated at times.

Even today, two people get tied for eternity even without knowing each other.

And a communication gap ensues.

However, love or arranged, a marriage requires love to blossom beautifully.

And who said love can’t be found in an arranged marriage?

It can if both the people are commited to make it work.

And if you are one of those people who is eager to make your relationship work, it doesn’t require much.

I mean, you can raise the bar as high as you want. But the minimum requisite is,

Bas thodi baat, chand kadam chal lo tham ke haath, wo ruke to tum bhi thehar jao, wo bhage to tum bhi kadam milao, use ehsaas dilao ki wo kyu important hai, use mehsus karao ki uske hone se tum kese special feel krne lagte ho. (A little conversation, a little walk holding hands, a little support during the tough times, and being there when it matters. Acknoledge their strenghths and let the feel how special they make you feel)

Agar special feel nahi bhi krte, to pehle wale kaam karo, samne wala bhi fir apna hissa karega. (Even if you don’t feel special in the starting, do the things mentioned and the other person will play his part)

Such is a story of Mr. And Mrs. Pandey.

Mr. Pandey thehre tier two city ke ek workaholic businessman. And Mrs. Pandey simple housemaker, jo gai se sehr ai hai. And ek din, apne sasu ma ke tane sunke Mr. Pandey ko gussa agya. To.. (In Hindi)

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