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The Life Lesson I learned from Tik Tok

Life Lesson I learned from Tik Tok
Life Lesson I Learned from Tik Tok

I don’t remember how I was introduced to TikTok, but the notion I perceived was, it’s a poison and a time waste.

So, later, when I thought about exploring it, I browsed it with disdain.

‘Why are these people including celebrities making such cringy videos?’ — My first reaction

So, I just uploaded my audio stories that I had made with Adobe Premiere (after learning it on my own on Udemy) and left.

But after a week or so, something happened. I thought about exploring the filters, and a filter popped in front of me.

I was like, I’m still shy in reciting my stories with my face on; but, this filter can help me overcome my fright.

I made my first video on Tik Tok with the filter on.

Later, I realized, I can do a hell lot of things on it, like adding a BG score, playing it in reverse and a lot more.

Basically, what I was learning Adobe Premiere for, I could do it without any hassle on Tik Tok. And I sped up from one story in a week to a story a day.

And I learned an important lesson!

Don’t you ever judge anything or anyone before you get to know it or him better.

You see, how I was missing all those features because of my assumption.

Doesn’t the same happen in life, too?

Here’s one such video where I talked about why don’t we talk anymore!

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