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Do you know who is to Blame for Crappy Content?

Do you know who is responsible for crappy content

NO. Not the Content CREATORS!

Last week, a friend of mine complained about the content TV and Film Industries are producing these days. He also applauded the content of various OTT platforms and expressed how the rise of digital media and platforms has given an avenue to the creatives to create without being mocked, ridiculed and rejected by the gatekeepers.

However, a question lurked in my mind: how the hell the experienced executives and creatives of both the industries (TV and Film) are not being able to judge what they are delivering? (The infamous and misogynist episode of Koffee with Karan got aired even after being edited by a professional team)

Where are the so-called focus groups or surveys or creatives that came up with powerful concepts?

Why the hell they think the audience is dumb enough to digest whatever they are serving? And when they think the audience won’t digest it, they ask for it, explicitly. (Nowadays, many actors/actresses ask their audience to leave their brains at home to enjoy their labor/art/whatever. How about we don’t leave our homes to watch that?)

But the real question is why are they keep on delivering us such sub-standard content?

Because it’s hard to imagine that such experienced people (and their peers/consultants) are not being able to judge their work even after watching it multiple times. (Watch responses from the premier of any movie, and you would find that all the reviews by “Superstars” of the industries are just as fake as their looks on the screen. And if they are not fake, then it’s a bigger problem.)

It doesn’t make sense, right?
Well, it does!
It makes business sense! And who is to blame for that?

Us, the ones who pay to watch such content!

Why do you think the industry is still serving you Saas-Bahu Crap? Because trps are telling them that the audience is still not bored. Why Salman Khan despite having all the budget and creatives at his disposal serves us the same Dhishoom-Dhishoom-Shirtless-Mindless-Action-on-a-festival again and again? Because whenever he tries something else, it’s a FLOP!

A lot of small budget content-oriented movies come and go, but besides getting a critic nod, they are just admired by film students, foreign reviewers, or an audience that want meaningful cinema. They don’t make money, and hence, it doesn’t make BUSINESS Sense to create such movies for the big screen. (Thank God, OTT came to rescue)

The bottom line is, until we stop watching, praising, and paying money for crap, the crap won’t stop!

It’s we who are encouraging the industries to deliver the cliched plots, the same old drama that doesn’t serve either the society or our senses, and stuff for which they want us to leave our brains at home. It’s we who are encouraging the foreign content but are unwilling to appreciate the content made in our own country.

We also make cringe-worthy content famous on social media. (Just ask yourself, don’t we?)

A few days back at my brother’s shop, the staff was consuming and creating TikTok videos for fun. Now, everybody has the right to consume or create according to his taste and capacity. (Even this article might sound dumb to many people and it’s Ok.) But then he noticed, a female staff adjusting her dress inappropriately to make her post more appealing. (Or appalling, whatever!)

And was she doing something unprecedented? We promote such posts more than the ones that deserve a promotion, don’t we? And hence, we are the ones responsible.

It’s us, the viewers, who are to blame!

And that’s why it’s us who can change it!

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