The Last Letter From His Father

When Sam was a kid, his father used to keep rewards and punishments, a surprise. Sam sometimes got a dessert on flunking an exam, but also got grounded sometimes for doing something good.

The only exception was the star (a silver-colored plastic cutout) that he received whenever he gave his 100 percent, irrespective of results. He cherished them like treasure.

He loved his father a lot and never showed his frustration. His father died when Sam was 18.

His last letter read:

Sam, all these years I knew about my condition and hence, I acted unfairly. You deserved all the ice-creams, even for your failures because you tried.

The punishments were harsh but I didn’t want you to feel that for doing something good, you always get good. You will understand it later.

But your effort is what you have and giving your all is a reward in itself.

I hope those stars will make you remember this. And this is how life treats you too. I hope you will forgive me for leaving you early.

But that’s all the time I had. And yes, I know you’re giving your all to grapple with this. Your reward is in the drawer.

Love You, Always 🙂

Sam folded the letter and opened the drawer. It had a big star with a picture of him and his father playing in the garden when he was 4. He took it and went to his room.

He opened a page in his journal which he bookmarked a few years back. The title on the top was,

Does He Even Love Me?

He pasted the star below it with tears in his eyes. And below it, he wrote with his trembling hand:

More than I could ever Imagine!

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