Tere Liye, Mere Liye

Picture Source: NDTV

Kabhi golio ke shor mein,
Kabhi dushmano ke zor mein,
Wo ladte sab kuch jhok ke,
Tere liye, Mere liye!

Kabhi apno ki chitthi lie,
Kabhi dinbhar bin khaye piye,
Wo lete goli sine pein,
Tere liye, Mere liye!

Chahe garmi ka prahar ho,
Chahe sardi beshumar ho,
Wo sehte bin ek ufff kie,
Tere liye, Mere liye!

Unka bhi to parivaar hai,
Ek chota sa sansaar hai,
Par vardi pehn wo chal diye,
Tere liye, Mere liye!

Whenever I hear about a terrorist attack, the realization hits hard: it didn’t reach us because our soldiers are protecting us. And on 14th, when 44 soldiers were martyred, the feeling again came that we lost some protectors but some families lost their souls in this attack.

We can pray, we can send blessings for the departed souls (the unsung heroes), but we can also do something to help their families as their homes sacrificed a soul for tere liye, mere liye.

You can donate whatever you can at https://bharatkeveer.gov.in/

Or, you also have an option in your Paytm App to contribute:

Go for the CRPF Bravehearts option

And yes, we can do one more thing:

Become a human worthy enough for our soldiers to protect.

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