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Can you tell me what do you see in this picture?

What all can you see in this picture. -  It's everybody's life story - Ataraxissoul
Story of everybody’s life

Look at this picture for a few seconds and tell me what all you can see?

A dot?

But why you didn’t notice a blackboard when it’s present all around the dot and in majority?
Maybe because you felt it’s too obvious. It’s always there.

And that’s what happens in life as well. Let’s count the things which serve the purpose of a blackboard in our life:

  • Our family – Their never-ending support (whether emotionally or financially)
  • Our friends – Their shoulders when even your family can’t stand you
  • Our health – Just imagine would that abroad trip matter if your health is not sound
  • Our values – We all have them, and it’s only when we abuse them, we feel bad about ourselves

The list is big and different for everyone, but these four are the important things. They allow us to paint our dream on the canvas of life.

But all you see was the dot. Why?
Because it stands apart?
Because it was at the center of the screen?

This minuscule dot represents the negativity in our life, where we focus all of our attention in spite of feeling grateful about the whole blackboard we have.

Life is full of such dots, and whenever they come, we focus too much on them. Yes, we should try to weed out all of them. But when it’s too hard, and you feel overwhelmed, go to the good things in your life. They will help, definitely. 🙂

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