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How To Know IF Someone Dislikes You?

We come across a lot of people every day. Let it be our colleagues, friends, acquaintances, relatives, neighbours and so on, depending upon the day or occasion. Some of them put us in the best of moods whereas some just seem to be wrong.


Their fake smile might fool you, but their vibe would NEVER. Fortunately, as humans, we haven’t mastered the skill to deceive with our vibes yet. But…

But why do we believe them or be unaware about them, then?

It’s because we haven’t mastered that skill either. We haven’t learned to trust our instincts or feelings either until the danger is inevitable. So, what to do? Well, I have a way that might help.

Tell them 2 stories from your life

One where you succeeded against all the odds
One where you failed miserably. And just observe their reactions.

On your success story, their attention would either be very casual and they would try to interrupt the flow or would try to show how they are better or superior to you.
For instance, you are talking about your promotion and other tries to belittle it with the huge bonus he got or the recognition he got for something.

Or your sad story, this one is the litmus, observe them in a way that they don’t notice. And you will see their smirk, beneath their sympathies. (It’s hard so you can ask a friend of yours to observe for you.)

This way you can distinguish between the people you would want in your life, or just in WhatsApp Groups or Facebook friend-list(to be modest).

However, if their discomfort with you has crossed the boundaries of dislike, they would constantly avoid you, back-bitch about you, try to harm or belittle you or try to humiliate you with sarcasms, or wit, veiled in the drapes of humour. STAY AWAY from them in that case. Nobody needs that much toxicity in her life.

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