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Why I love Quora and why you should see it too?

As a writer, I started writing to express my self. To tell what otherwise ruminates inside the confines of my cerebrum. But soon, the notes section of my mobile was not enough. I wanted to tell stories to people and hence, I made this blog.

It started with rants about what’s happening around me; thoughts around various socially accepted wrongdoings, religion, relationships from a perspective of a college going student and motivational stuff from a guy who had been in depression a lot to know what that beast can do.

But why did I feel the need to do it when I was going through all of it?

To help. To tell my journey that can help those who are on the same road. To share tips that I discover every now and then while going through an issue. For instance, I recently discovered a cheat code against the initial stages of depression. And that’s why when I discovered Quora I was flabbergasted.

What is Quora?

A platform where you can find answers to your questions. I mean, how straightforward and simple is that! And whenever I have some free time or get stumbled upon a question that I have an appropriate answer, I jump on it. Here are some of favourite questions/answers from the platform. Do give it a look. (Not only my answers but any personal favourite question you have. I hope you find an appropriate answer as well.)

  1. If God doesn’t exist, and you cease to exist upon death, what is the point of doing what society wants you to do rather than doing what you want to do?
  2. Why are people running for marks and not knowledge and creativity?
  3. Is reading books unrelated to a career a waste of time?
  4. I am in my final year. The placement process is going on, but I haven’t gotten placed and all my friends have gotten placements. What should I do?

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