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Why the 1st of Jan is the most important day of the year?

“Ahmmmm, well, it’s the first day of the new year.”

You might stutter and give variations of this answer. Or, if you believe in numerology or astrology, you would have different answers altogether. But think for a while, what’s so special about it?

Technically, it’s just another day in the stream of time. But it’s special psychologically. It’s special because you think it’s a new start. A new start to do things a little differently. A chance to make shifts in your life. As if you are playing a Video Game and you have just pressed the refresh button because you know from where the computer bots would come. Its effect is so phenomenal, I have seen people behave totally different on 31st December and 1st January. What’s the difference, you may ask.

To be frank, it’s nothing. It’s just the power of self-confidence or self-assurance that there is still hope for us.

That’s why a lot of resolutions, gym memberships, promises with yourself are made on this day. But there is a problem. Its effect doesn’t last for many days. (No wonder those resolutions you pledge so eagerly don’t even see the light of Feb)

Still, it’s special. It tells us that if we consider each day as a chance to revive ourselves, to ask important questions and take appropriate actions, to feel like we can do things differently today, we may feel self-motivated every day. (As each day, is also an event in its own way)

And that’s the kind of motivation we need to make any resolution work.

So, if you are feeling good today that the new year has hope for you, so has the day tomorrow and the day after that. Just remind yourself of how hopeful/motivated you are feeling today whenever you feel bad. Because as long as we are living, we have hope to lead a better life.

PS. – May your each day is filled with hope, possibilities and happiness. Happy New Year 2019.

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