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Book Review #2 – Tuesdays with Morrie

I would like to start with some confessions:

  • I bought it because it was a bestseller in the self-help genre and was on sale.
  • It gained e-dust on my kindle shelf for 7 months.

Uffff! Feeling so light after shedding those off my shoulder. I felt miserable for keeping such a wonderful book waiting for that long, but I had too much on my plate.

But when I started reading it, which coincidentally was a Tuesday, I couldn’t put it down. The light of my kindle would have cursed me for keeping it on and on whenever I got some free time.

And as I finished it, I had made some space in my otherwise overfilled plate for gratitude and time for my loved ones.

This is such a book. It teaches about the value of time. We all have a limited time on earth which can expire at any time. But still, we have the audacity to leave some things for later.  And with each clock tick, the later becomes never.

The book narrates the real-life account of a teacher, Morrie, who was suffering from ALS. Yes, the same disease for which our celebrities did the ice-bucket challenge. And yet, he taught till his last day. On every Tuesday.

That important things in life should not be left unsaid.

What these teachings were?

Well, grab this book from your nearest stores and let Morrie teach you from Heaven.

You can find this book on the following links:-

  1. People in India
    Paperback –
    Kindle –
  2. People in the USA
    Paperback –

Author – Mitch Albom

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