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Cheat Code to Deal with Depression

Disclaimer: If you or the ones surrounding you feel that your behavior is not normal for a considerable amount of time, or you have started to see the world as totally negative and can’t understand why’s and what’s of life, consider seeing a doctor as soon as possible.

Take a meditation course, start doing some physical exercises, eat organic food and so on. This cheat code is only for those times when you feel that your repressed emotions, negativity, anxiety or depression are overwhelming you and driving you towards inaction. But once this cheat code becomes your mantra, it will help you for sure.

Cheat Code – “DO IT”

Yes, just 2 words.

4 characters and 1 space.

Ignore the voice telling you it’s not worth it or you are not worth it.

Wipe off your tears.

Forget that you are clueless about the ‘why’ of that important task.

If it’s important, you know it.

And that’s when you should use the cheat code, “Do It”

Don’t think about success and failure in that particular task.

Just think, doing the task is your task.

It’s a battle inside your mind, that your mental shortcomings are winning against you.

And defeating it should be the only goal at that time.

Benefits of using this cheat code

  1. Defeating depression even in a small task makes you feel stronger.
  2. It breaks the negative pattern that depression breeds upon.
  3. Slowly and slowly, you start to come out of inaction.
  4. You start to find the self-confidence you thought you had lost.
  5. No more opportunities get lost due to depression. Failing to try is worse than failure.

Even if you are perfectly healthy, which I hope for everybody, these negative emotions can pop from anywhere causing doubts in our minds. It raises questions which have no answers but one, go and do it.

PS: I recently experienced it myself. And I felt whatever I have told you above. But if you are not able to apply it, please see a doctor. You deserve a great life. Don’t let anything sabotage it.

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