Book Reviews

Book Review #1 – Immortal Talks

“There is some magic in this book, I can’t tell what.”

Has it happened to you that you start hearing about a book everywhere? (I’m not talking about the targeted ads or the books you browsed on Amazon/Flipkart)

I don’t know whether I found this book or this book found me. I was scrolling through my Fb account when I got to know about it, before seeing it again somewhere.

I got so attracted to it, I bought it the next day.

This book entered my life with that mystism that I just couldn’t put it down.

And it was an amazing read.

I mean I have read about Subconscious, Law of Attraction, Spirituality but this was something else. Its genre reads Fiction/philosophy. But even if it’s totally fiction, it’s mind-blowing.

What it’s about – Immortal talks refers to the talks by Lord Hanuman which he bestows upon a tribal community. He talks about Karma, Time, Power of Thoughts, Fulfilling any desire and how a human should save himself from attracting bad karma from other people.

Where to buy it from –


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