Suicide is not the Solution

Enough is Enough. Terrace. Night.

Standing on the edge, Raj was battling with a thought; the fatal decision was imminent. 15th floor would be enough, he thought and took a deep breath.

“Are you sure about this? I thought you adore me,” she said.

Raj sighed. “This love, I wonder, is the reason. If I can’t get you, I can surely get away from you,” he took deep breaths, mustering all the strength he had and said, “as far as possible.”

His left shoe cringed loudly as he took one step towards the leap of doom. The kid started wailing.

“You still alive!? I thought I had lost you,” Raj was shocked to hear his voice after a long time.

“I was always here, but your ears never left your phone,” Kid stuttered his words while catching his breath.

Cringe! One more step. Whoop! He plunged.

He saw the ground speeding towards him with an open mouth. And…

He saw a small kid; in one hand holding his father’s hand and the other holding an ice-cream. And then, he saw a young girl holding a boy’s hand for a while and then fading away. A tear swiftly left his right eye and got lost. The ground was getting closer. He then saw his favorite memories flashing and fading away. He was surprised that none of them was on his priority list for a long time, and he condemned his destiny for his state.

With a gust of air, she again appeared to give him a farewell kiss. She sighed with pity and cried, “I will miss…”

“Hahaha,” the ground wailed and interrupted her. “It would be fast,” the ground continued, “I promise. I will send you where you intend to.”

“I loved you. I craved you. But as I couldn’t get you anyway, let me go as far as I could,” Raj said to appease, but she wasn’t convinced.

“How dare you choose death over me, she is my ugly twin. She was destined to have you someday, but this time was ours. Only if you could muster a little more strength and ask for my hand.”

Raj was perplexed, and the ground was just next to his chin, what if echoed behind his ears; what if he had persisted.

Thump! He kissed the ground and painted her lips red. He saw his beloved companion for the last time before his eyelids switched off his lights.

She saw him raising towards the sky with his spirit in her sister’s hand.

“Why do people leave me when they crave for me the most. This Suicide thing is indeed a paradox,” said Life with a tear in her eyes.

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