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What Would I Tell To The 15-year-old Me?

“Kiddo, listen….listen to me carefully. What I’m going to say, might break your heart. What I’m about to say might break all those beliefs that our grandparents have sewn into our subconscious till now. But it’s going to help you. I can’t tell you the future, as it will create a paradox in the occurrence of a lot of things that needs time and surprise.

All I can tell you is something that I have learnt in your next 13 years, as teachings are timeless. It might or might not change a lot, but it will help you in remaining true to yourself and taking decisions when and where they would be needed.

Life’s Unfair. It has always been. It will always be. But don’t let it dishearten you. Get your shit together, when it throws brick after brick at your forehead. Just remember that it’s its nature and not your bad-luck. And keep your shit together and be grateful when it takes you to the zenith of your chosen path. As it has been somewhat unfair in your favour even if you can’t or don’t want to acknowledge it. Life is unfair, but if you live it right, it’s more wonderful than anything else in the world. And believe in yourself as Mother Nature has made you strong enough to deal with anything that comes across your path.”

Now let us adults talk about it. You would be like why I would incept such a thought in a young brain? Then let me tell you something about me when I was 15 years old.

I was a young boy with a troubled childhood due to his obesity and sensitive nature. I sought my solace in studies, god and all the virtues we are taught by our grandparents and teachers. But in doing all these, I engraved a belief in my head which hurt me more than anything. And that was, Life’s fair.

This belief hurt me in the form of disappointments whenever I worked hard but failed. It hurt in the form of overconfidence whenever one accolade was succeeded by another. Where in the former case, I wailed, “Why Me’, in the latter I felt I deserved each and everything wonderful in this world.

And it happened as the premise was life’s fair. If it’s fair, then the results are to be in accordance with our efforts. And when they are not, we are bound to feel an unrequired emotion.

As we all know, emotions play with our decision making, and hence, that’s the best advice I could give to my 15-year-old self without disclosing anything about the future.

The second best would be a winning lottery ticket number, but that would have just bought him money and no value. 😛

Please comment what advice would you have given.

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