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There is too much JUNK out there, disguising itself as WISDOM

“Follow Your Passion”
“Don’t Follow Your Passion”
“Life is Abundant”
“Life is a Suffering”
And if you have sufficient time, you will find loads of information based on insufficient research on the net, capable of influencing you in the wrong direction.
For instance, take the first aforementioned wisdom, follow your passion.
When you are going through a tough time; and you don’t like the work you are doing and your life seems to be meaningless, ruthless and unrewarding, this advice would feel like Gold.
And why it shouldn’t. Many of the big artists, sportspersons, and businessmen have actually made it big because they followed their passions. Then why I’m calling it a piece of junk.
Because it’s incomplete. Many a time, such advice, when thrown at you without any context, does more harm than good. Follow your passion does not just mean to choose it, and then order an ice-tea and enjoy your Sunday afternoon watching TV. Following your passion does not mean success is guaranteed.
It means that whenever life shoves you in the ass and sticks failure on your forehead, you will have the inner strength to fight through. That’s why following your passion is rewarding. Not because it’s a success-guarantee plan, but because it’s a failure-won’t-stop-me plan.
Because some sort of failure is certain.
Similar is the case with all the wisdom you find on the internet. They can be gold or junk, depending upon the context.
So, the question is how to differentiate? Well, the best way is to start thinking before following anything. And you can start it with a series of questions?
Why is this advice useful?
Did it help anybody?
If yes, how she utilized it?
Is it beneficial for me, as I’m already happy with my life?
How should I incorporate it to better the quality of my life?
In short, you have to see how any advice fits in the context of your life.
If your life is miserable, any advice would look gold. But then, there is no magic wand which can abra-da-dabra you out of trouble in an instant. It needs execution. It takes hard work. It needs you.
So, the next time you come across any advice which seems gold to you, think first about its context. Think how it fits in your life. And if you are finding it difficult, then just search for it’s opposite. If you find anything, which I’m certain you would, read it and make a list of pros and cons. It will give you a better idea about the context of the wisdom.
And whether it’s a wisdom for you or just a piece of junk like the french fries which you love but is bad for your body.
PS: I tried my best, but sorry if this proves to be just junk for you. It means you already know the way to consume information, especially wisdom, on the internet. And
The Quote in the picture is not said by Buddha. But that’s how a lot of wisdom/Junk is poured down our throats. Beware!

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