Believe in your Wings


To all the souls who are down, do whatever you feel like to come out from the valley of self-pity, sorrow, depression and suicidal tendencies. (Take your time, I know it’s easier said than done)

If you want to quit on something, Quit. If you feel like giving up on something, Give Up.

But never ever Quit or Give up on your self. Ask your Heart, and believe it, as it really knows everything from the start.

Start afresh, if nothing else is working. Look for the window, and take the leap of faith.
And always, always, believe that you have those wings hidden inside you.

P.s: I won’t go further, as I know everybody has a different story, different demons to fight and different approach towards life. But remember, the plot remains the same. You fell down, got beaten up, but if you keep on believing in yourself, you will fly one day.:)

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