What does a sportsperson need to give his/her everything on the pitch?

When I was a kid, I was bad at everything (at least I thought so):

  •  Posing for a photograph – I always stared at the lens as if there is a different world beyond them
  •  Making new friends – I was shy, overweight, and somewhat petrified whenever I meet new people;
  • Studying – why the hell would I like to know what’s the table of 13.

But then, I watched a game of cricket one day with my grandfather, and the chanting of “Sachin-Sachin” changed my world.

I started visualizing filled-stands with me representing my country in a blue jersey. And that feeling changed me.

I switched my path just a few years after that but the feeling never left me. It changed my outlook. It gave me the power to fight my inferiority complex.

And hence, when I saw this photo, I could somewhat stand what Sunil Chhetri meant when he said: we will give our lives on the pitch.

I just dreamt it and it made me feel like a superstar, so I wonder, what kind of rush it would give to the people who are actually living that dream of representing their country.

And that’s why this picture made me happy. I hope that we continue to support other sports as much we support cricket in India.

We will give our lives on the pitch

Ps: Please support your all your sportspersons alike. Without your support, they won’t be able to give their all on the pitch.

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