3 Questions to Ponder Over on this Earth Day

Yes, I’m talking about the planet we are living on. I could have taken any day to rant on this topic, but to do it on the Earth Day has its own benefits. Yeah, Earth has a day of its own and it deserves more than that.

To a lot of people, Earth has the following definition:

  1. 3rd planet in the solar system
  2. We live on this planet
  3. It’s green and blue and has an atmosphere which makes life possible too
  4. There is no 4th point

That’s it. The general definition of it. Yeah, there would be people who would argue that they know more, but that’s one of the problems, we only try to know more. Have we ever tried to feel it by putting our narcissistic needs aside? Have we ever tried to understand, why are we feeling its wrath these days in the forms of Global Warming, Depleting Resources, Natural Disasters etc.?

I am not saying that I have done my part. No. I’m far from it but I try to ensure that I can do my bit every now and then. And as a part of that, I want to give you these 3 questions to ponder over on this Earth Day. (If you are busy today, do it on any other day as Earth is all we have to live unless Mr. Musk comes up with something)

  1. How come in the little time mankind has existed on earth, we have already depleted it like no other species had?
  2. Will we get more Earth after our narcissistic attitude consumes everything it has to offer?
  3. Why are we facing its wrath in the form of natural disasters and what can be done?

I hope pondering over these questions make you realise that it’s more than just the third planet in the solar system. It’s Our Planet. In Hindu-traditions, we call it as ‘dharti-ma’ because it cares for us like a mother. Shouldn’t we take care of it too?

I had written a haiku last year, while I was pondering over the aforementioned (third) question:

Earth Day.PNG


Indeed, we all should surrender.

Ps: We all are not required to do big things, every small thing matters too. Just do your bit.

One thought on “3 Questions to Ponder Over on this Earth Day

  1. Reblogged this on Love, Laugh, and Live – Ataraxis and commented:

    Do we love our mother only on Mother’s Day?
    Then how come observing, and taking prevention on one day can showcase our love for our mother-land, Earth.

    Yes, I termed Earth as our mother-land and not your country. As our countries are a part of it.

    Please, I’m requesting you all to ponder over these questions and do your bit.

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