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I’ll Never Procras…….

One of my best comic strips ever

Did you like it?

“Like? What was there to like, dude?”

No!? But I had put so much thought behind it. It would be one of my best posts in the years to come. How can you not like it?

“But you didn’t put anything out there, bro.”

I know. But didn’t it resonate with many of our dreams? The dreams which the Universe plough in our heart but die as they never see the light of (to)day. Because the owner is lazing on his comfortable bed with a blanket of excuses, and his hand on the snooze button.
This post is dedicated to all those dreams that never reach the execution stage. (Though this post escaped an irony by doing that)

The comic strip (above) could have a riveting, humorous story. But it rather disappointed you, in its first look. The same goes with those dreams. They might have the potential to change our life for good, but we often choose procrastination over execution. Many factors can be hold accountable, what’s yours?

Mine were fear of failure, fear of the unknown and fear that it would get uncomfortable. And all these reasons led to procrastination because I wasn’t ready to let go of my comfort. Do they resonate with yours? If yes, please don’t let stop you. Go out and paint the world with the vibrant colours of your dreams. Express yourself and let your light shine through every fibre of yours.

And that’s why this would be one of my best posts in year to come. As I hope it will encourage you to not let your dreams die, waiting for a tomorrow.

P.s. Now see the strip again, and imagine yourself accomplishing your dream, step by step. Fill it with those steps and take action on your first step today. Believe me, it’s addictive. Once you finish the first, the momentum will take you to the second and so on. Give it a try, today. As what if that tomorrow never comes. God bless.:)

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