Plight of Street Artists

The bustled lanes of CP never cease to intimidate you. Having an aura of its own, they are full of curious shoppers (window-shoppers too), enthusiastic vendors, into-each-other couples, beautiful ladies, and not-allowed-at-any-happening-place-on-weekends stags. A different feel which only a Delhite cannot distinguish, as it’s our Go-to place, like dal-chawal. Well, there is one more category. The one I ignored because they get the same treatment on the street too.
You must have guessed it from the headline, I’m talking about the Street Artists. Yeah, those talented-yet-under-privileged people who demand your attention. Their talent pierce the bedlam, and knocks on your senses. It asks you to take a break and notice its marvel. And guess what, occasionally you stop too. However, no matter how much heir art has made your day interesting, or has given you a needed mood-swing, you often offer a mere giggle, or a surprised and elated look, and pass over. We all have done that, sometime or the other. So what’s my point, you may ask?
I recently read somewhere that if an artist can make you stop and see/listen-to the marvel he has in his talent then you owe him a buck at least. And I can’t agree more! However, not everyone there is waiting for your change. From your attention, to some goods on his back, they all have different demands. And the least we could do, is to tell them how talented they are. A 3-second applause, a thumbs-up with a smile and similar gestures would do sometimes. But if you see an empty box in front of him/her, never let the change it deserves clink in your pocket. It deserves to go elsewhere.
P.s: If you can help in some other way, do!

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