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Positive Mindset Makes All The Difference

Ram felt weird on receiving a delicious scoop of Malted Chocolate.
Because he dreads being overweight.
Sounds ridiculous? Let me rephrase it…
Sham felt weird and didn’t sign up for a new project.
Because he feared the unknown and apprehends obstacles and failure.
Sounds familiar?
I know it does. We all resonate with Sham to some degree. Let it be signing up for a new but difficult project, or car-driving lessons. ‘What if something goes wrong’ restricts us from exploring the wonders that await us, on the other side.
Yet, we found Ram’s situation to be ridiculous. Why? Because it was too trivial? Maybe. Or maybe, because we know that an innocent scoop of ice-cream cannot make anyone fat.
Then how does the unknown gets powerful enough to deter our self-confidence? How can something, not yet explored, get on our nerves?
Well, the answer is simple: Our mindset.
Our mindset can perceive a dreadful dark room as an ordinary room lacking light. What’s the difference?
Ask yourself; which room would you prefer to stay at night? (One lacks photons, and other might have monsters but aren’t we talking about the same room)
That’s what our mindset does. It changes our perspective of looking at things. Remember that old question: whether the glass is half-empty or half-full? Both the answers are right.
Yet, the one you choose makes all the difference in your life. Hence, it’s wise to attach virtues to your mindset. As a nurtured mindset would perceive a road full of obstacles, like a Roller-Coaster ride. And who doesn’t like a ride?

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